• Image of Pink Nursing Necklace
  • Image of Pink Nursing Necklace
  • Image of Pink Nursing Necklace
  • Image of Pink Nursing Necklace

Nursing Necklace/Teether Babywearing Necklace

You are sitting down to nurse and your sweet little one tugs on your delicate silver necklace- ouch! or your hair! Even worse! Trust me- I tell this story from first hand experience. With this stimulating nursing necklace or teething necklace, your little one's hands will be busy and your other jewelry and hair will be free from the pulling! Win!

Super safe for your baby- made with your little one in mind. The different textures and shapes allow learning and development of fine motor skills.

• Measures approximately 23 inches long at its longest length.
• Can be worn short or long-simply slide the slip knot to fit your style and needs.
• Comes packaged and ready for gift giving.
• Please do not leave child unattended with this necklace- use responsibility and care while enjoying this product.

-Made with a leather cord(a perfect chewing device for stubborn teeth)
-Beautifully crocheted wooden beads in your CHOICE OF COLOR
(Color choices are listed in the last picture)
-1 1/2" ring made of maple and birch wood.
-Product is sealed with 100% pure tung oil which provides an all natural tough and flexible coating that's highly resistant to water or er...slobber :)
-Slip knotted at neck for versatility and preferred style.
- Specially knotted at base of beads to protect your child.